Bod Squad Challenge

6 week/ 5 Day Split 

Home & Gym options available


hey beauty

The Bod Squad Challenge is a 6 week program that can either be done at home or the gym. This is a 5 day split and divided into 2 phases. This program is designed for muscle growth. It can be altered if you want to focus more on  fat loss. Cardio & core days are implemented throughout the weeks. Cardio days can be customized as well based on your goal. 

what's included?

Access to my LMNFITNESS workout app: 

  • Calendar to see all your workouts/ goals/ reminders​

  • Video demos for each exercise

  • Timer/ Rest periods for each workout

  • Community chat with the other challenge girls

  • Private messaging with me

  • Progress tracker 

  • Goal & Habits Tracker 

  • Connection to MY FITNESS PAL app 

  • Connection to a Fitbit or Apple Watch

   E- Book ​

  • 6 weeks of workouts- 3 week training phases

  • Over 80 different exercises

  • 15 Recipes that are easy to make, healthy & delicious 

  • Full details on Macronutrients/ How to calculate/ What they are/ How to track them/ When to change them

  • Section on gut health & the importance of it during our fitness journey

  • Daily Planner/ Checklist/ Grocery List/ Meal Planner 

  • Tips on when you are eating out/ how to stay on track

  • Fitness key terms you see on a day to day basis

Your ebook is yours to keep forever, as well as access to my fitness app 


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home equipment needed 

  • At least 2 sets of dumbbells, different weights ( ex. 1 set of 10lbs, 1 set of 15lbs). The more variation, the better

  • Long Bands/ Resistance Bands. I have some here

  • Glute Bands, I have some here

  • Stability Ball 


  • If you check out with Paypal, your email with the ebook & confirmation number could go to that email associated with your PP account. 

  • The instructions  to sign into the LMNFITNESS App is on the 3rd page of the ebook. 

  • There are no refunds on digital downloads. It is a final sale. Once paid, you automatically get the ebook delivered to you. That is something we cannot retrieve back. 

  • Programs are sent right after purchase. If you do not receive it please check spam/junk or email