• 6 week/ 4 Day Split workout regime for fat loss and lean muscle gain ( emphasizing Glute focused workouts)
  •  Step by Step instruction with visual content to help perfect your form and performance through my fitness app
  • Full detailed information on what Macronutrients are
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and shakes/smoothies that are easy to make, healthy, AND delicious.
  • Pre & Post-workout meal ideas
  •  Grocery Lists 
  •  Bonus: 10 -page templates to help you track your fitness journey, progress and be organized 

6-Week Get Ready For Summer Program: Home Version

$25.99 Regular Price
$12.99Sale Price
    • 6 week/ 4 day program split focused on glute growth
    • 5-6 different workouts each day
    • Video demostrations for each exercise via my LMNFITNESS app
    • Core and Cardio workouts implemented throughout the program
    • 10 recipes that are heatlhy, easy and delicious 
    • It's a 70 + page ebook that is yours to keep forever
    • In depth Macronutrient information
    • Bonus: 11 page Health & Fitness Planner 

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